Portfolio Managers

BondManager and NillaHedge each automatically organize your closed positions into folders, and open positions into groups organized by symbol (in NillaHegde, also by issue type). Both products include: PositionsTranscripts, a PortfolioNavigator, and a RateSensitivityExplorer. PositionsTranscripts provide a convenient transcript of gains and losses for open positions or those closed during a given calendar year. All transcripts report annualized yields for each position and the weighted annualized yield of the portfolio. PortfolioNavigator groups your open positions by symbol. In NillaHedge, it builds another level of hierarchy around stocks and options. RateSensitivityExplorer allows you to explore the effects that a change in yield will have on pro forma portfolio value.

Support Tools

StrategyExplorer and YieldCurveFitter are standalone tools that can be used independently or in conjunction with BondManager and NillaHedge. YieldCurveFitter writes the spot rate to the registry every time you change a rate value and NillaHedge reads that value each time it opens a tool (dialog), so YieldCurveFitter affects NillaHedge directly. StrategyExplorer is fully independent.

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